Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fried Squash

vegetable oil
1 yellow squash (feeds 2 people, adjust accordingly for more)


In a large skillet, cover the bottom of skillet with oil and heat it over med-hi heat. While oil is heating, slice squash. I like to use a mandoline so the slices are even.

Place squash in a container and cover with milk. Let soak for a couple of minutes. I like to set up an assembly line like this:
In another container, put some flour. Take a few pieces of squash at a time, and dredge through flour.Once floured, lay squash to the side.
Once all squash has been floured, check the oil to see if it is hot enough. Throw a little flour on the oil...if it sizzles, it's ready!

Lay squash in oil in a single layer:

and cook until the edges start to turn brown. Then flip squash and let it cook on the other side...
Take a cookie sheet and line with paper towels. As squash finishes, remove to paper towels:

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