Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Kid and Sports

Well, here it first non-recipe post! Since my blog is titled "Sports Mom Cooks", I thought I needed to throw in some "sports" and "mom."

Let me start by saying, that my kid is not the most athletic kid out there...not even close! He started playing soccer a couple of years ago and got lucky to get on a really good team! They kept him around, cuz, well, his dad was the coach! He'd make an occassional goal, but was never one to get in there and "fight for the ball." Not that we cared much, I just wanted him to try his best. I put him in sports for several reasons: 1.) Exercise!!! 2.) To learn how to follow the rules of a game. 3.) To give him the experience of being a part of a team and to learn how what he does affects the team as a whole. Here is a picture of him in his first season of soccer:

After soccer, we moved onto basketball. He played on a junior league (3-on-3). They didn't keep score, they didn't play defense (except inside the box), and the referee was very lenient about things such as dribbling, out of bounds, etc. It is designed as a way to start learning the game.

I noticed right away a big difference in his confidence level. He was able to control the ball, dribble, play defense and even stealing the ball. He would make basket after basket during practice, but the baskets eluded him during the game. Here's a picture of him playing defense:

Then, we moved onto T-ball. Long story, was not the best situation, but we survived. He was able to hit the ball most of the time and mosey to the bases, scored a run here and there, but I didn't really think it was something he was enjoying. This year, we got him on a team that we hope will be a better situation...less stress for him and he has friends on his team...but I is a picture of him from T-ball...he is leaving 3rd base, headed home (and he made it!):So, I'm telling you all of this because out of the three sports he's played, basketball is definitely where his talent and his confidence seem to lie. He is playing basketball again this year on the junior league and he is doing awesome! He has scored at least one goal in every game, he dribbles well, plays good defense, etc. He needed some "encouragement" on rebounding, so I offered him a quarter for every rebound...since then, he has been more agressive. And Saturday, he did awesome!!! He made 6 baskets and 3 rebounds! I'm so proud and I'm so glad that he has found something that he enjoys and he thinks that he is good at! It is so fun to watch him play with confidence!!! Here are some pictures of him playing basketball this year. The pictures aren't of great quality...hoping to take some more soon!

Playing Defense



Stealing the ball his form!

Okay, just had to get all that off my chest! Back to the recipes!



  1. That's my grandson there!! Pround of him we are!!

  2. We are playing t-ball for the first time this year & I'm so excited to see how Tatum does. I don't have huge expectations, just to have a lot of fun. Looks like Cameron is becoming quite the basketball player!