Friday, February 12, 2010


Ah, either love it or you hate it! Me? I LOVE IT!!! I could LIVE on it! As a matter of fact, I have made it so much during my 13 year marriage, that I have completely burned my husband out on it! No problem...that just means more for me! If you love it, you probably already have a recipe for it...and no two people make theirs the same. But, I thought I'd share my version with you.

First, here's a funny little story: When I was little, my parents took me to a mexican restaurant and ordered guacamole. When it was served, I wanted NO part of it...I must have thought it looked gross, as most kids do (including mine). My parents told me it was "green ice cream" and convinced me to try it. Well, little did they know what they were getting themselves into! Every time I went to a mexican restaurant after that, I ordered "green ice cream!"


Avocados (see my note on How to Pick an Avocado)
Red Onion
Roma Tomatoes
Chili Powder
Garlic Salt


1. Cut avocado in half lengthwise and remove pit. Use spoon to scoop out avocado into a bowl. Mash with fork to your desired consistency. Some people like it chunky, some like to smooth and creamy!

2. Dice red onion (see my note on How to Cut an Onion Without Crying) to your size preference.

3. Dice tomatoes to your size preference. Mix all ingredients together.

4. Sprinkle on a little chili powder and garlic powder. Mix and then taste and adjust seasonings accordingly. Don't make it too salty, especially if you are eating it with chips.

You can eat it right away or store it for a short period of time. If you are storing it, cover it with saran wrap. As you put the saran wrap on, press down on it so that it touches the guacamole...this will prevent air from getting to it. Store in the refrigerator until ready to eat. Guacamole is definitely a "make and eat" in one goes bad fast!

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  1. A little trick I've learned to keep it from going brown so quickly is if after preparing the gucamole you put one of the seeds back into the bowl it helps keep it fresh! Also lemon/lime juice helps too and adds a yummy taste! I COULD EAT GUACOMOLE 24/7!